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Development Plan



Identify suitable regions for deep-water upwelling enhancement.

Increase the nutrients available to phytoplankton and

Reliably measure the amount of carbon recycled net of carbon upwelled.



Marine biological recycling scales to at least 2-4 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

This carbon offset provides enough carbon recycling to offset key air, sea and other transportation modes that require hydrocarbon fuels. 



Once operations are fully scaled, marine biological recycling of carbon in the oceans can reduce the cost of carbon credits.  Such cost reductions are essential to enable China and other developing nations to offset their carbon emissions.



The Climate Foundation participates in the policy-setting processes to ensure adoption of efficient verification methodologies to verify carbon recycling in the ocean.


Partnering Benefits

Partnering with The Climate Foundation today

– Enables development of new technologies for recycling carbon dioxide and reducing coral bleaching, thus preserving our coral ecosystems for future generations.

– Enables development of effective certification protocols for atmospheric carbon reductions.

– Provides immediate tax benefits.